Why indulge in anal plugging?

For some time now you have been attracted to the idea of trying anal plugging with your partner. You are intrigued by the toy and you are the type of person who is keen to experiment with anything new. Especially when it comes to sex. You’ve already read that it should be handled with care, never rushed and that you should apply lubricant for optimal comfort, so all you have to do is get started. To finish convincing you, here are two arguments that shouldn’t leave you cold.

It tightens the vagina for more pleasure

Once positioned (gently and always with lubricant), the anal plug triggers the contraction of your vaginal muscles. A natural phenomenon that has only one consequence: to increase the sensations, especially if you engage in double penetration. This is a guarantee of pleasure that will be passed on to both sides, because if your partner is a man, he will also feel the object on the other side of the membrane of flesh that lies between your sex and the anal canal. Sharing, the guideline for successful coitus.

It stimulates the anus

And introduces you to new, pleasurable areas that you can then explore more fully. Understand: it’s a good first step before embarking on the quest for anal orgasm. If you’re just getting started with anal play, plugs are a great way to get comfortable with the sensation of stimulating your buttocks. The best way to go about it, according to the expert, is to start with a small model and then increase the size – both in length and in girth. So it’s not rocket science. This way you can find out if you like the sensation, if you want to move back and forth, and if you are ready to take the plunge. A gentle learning process.

It can lead to better orgasms

People with vaginas can have orgasms of all kinds, including through anal play. Many women report having their most powerful orgasms through anal penetration. One advantage, depending on the position, is that the vagina and clitoris can be within reach for even more attention.