Anal plug: 2 criteria to consider when choosing?

Choosing is always a real headache. When it comes to anal plugs, it requires experience and a certain amount of personal judgment. Of course, you can’t just buy it on a whim. You have to know yourself well so that it doesn’t end up at the bottom of the drawer without ever being used.

Anal plug materials to choose from

There are many materials for making plugs. Silicone or jelly: these are soft and flexible materials. They feel neutral. The choice of material impacts the satisfaction of your libido. Silicones are also stretchy and very comfortable, even for novices. Medical silicone is very popular because it is hypoallergenic but also very soft, tender and rigid at the same time. Stainless steel, steel, or surgical aluminium anal plugs are strong and heavy for the more experienced. Pyrex anal plugs are strong and durable. Pyrex are smooth and can be heated or cooled as desired. There are also anal plugs made of PVC or ABS, glass and even wood. Finally, there are now plugs made from materials that are very close to human skin. This is for more pleasant and very pleasurable sensations.

Choose an anal plug with fantasies

It will be your tastes and desires that will determine the choice of your anal plug now. You will have to choose vibrating or simple anal plugs, but also inflatable ones. There are models of vibrating anal plugs. They are also capable of massaging the man’s prostate at the same time for a quick orgasm. They also allow an abundant ejaculation. Simple vibrating models also exist. They produce vibrations programmed to surprise the user. The intensity and frequency can be adjusted. These are very pleasant sex toys that provide intense sensations. There are inflatable models of anal plugs to alternate with the classic models. In short, you should think carefully before choosing an anal plug. It is best to choose a good quality plug to avoid the discomfort it can cause. Prices are very varied but it is up to you to find a compromise for your insurance.